The alignment of the EAG and REDC

will focus on providing technical assistance and capacity beulding in project development, project financing, and project mgmt. by helping communiies identify priority initiatives and key capital project in communities throughout the region.  These goals are intentionally aligned with with Economic Development Administration’s, (EDA) goals that are identified along with strategies through themes.  These goals include;

      • promoting collaborative regional innovation
      • supporting public/private partnerships
      • investing in national strategic priorities including advanced manufacturing and information technology
      • achieving global competitiveness,
      • investing in environmentally-sustainable development
      • serving economically distressed and underserved communities

The themes are illustrated in the pillars below:

SWOT Analysis


  • Economic Future
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Cost of Living
  • Size/Scale of Area is manageable


  • Capital Deprived
  • Turfism/Territorialism
  • Vacancy
  • Stagnant Properties/Code Enforcement
  • Perception


  • Unified Vision
  • Build on existing assets
  • Grant Funding/Competing with larger cities


  • Access to capital
  • Outdated/Costly Infrastructure
  • Failure to implement planning efforts/lack of professional capacity

Criteria and Prioritization

The EAG offers a quick lesson to enable members to lead strategic planning efforts.

  • With technical assistance from the Regional Economic Development Initiative at YSU, participants will be able to define scope of work, objectives, and a schedule in order to outline a successful approach toward grant proposals and implementation
  • Customary and traditional in working class Youngstown, EAG members or others community stakeholders tend to volunteer for projects and initiatives that align with their organizational mission or goals.
  • While the EAG formally meets once a month, subcommittees identified in the MOU, conduct offline planning and implementation meetings with the assistance of YSU REDI.
  • Each group reports back to EAG as needed to update the group to ask for what they might need, promote any successes, and recruit members for their cause.